Collection of Auguries by Annie Q. Syed

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Collection of Auguries
The darkness belongs to no one between the hours of three and four. It is a suspension of theories, feelings, and conclusions that adhere neither to the night nor to the day. It is a podium wreathed with dreams, memories, and thoughts that are not quite yours to claim. What can’t be deciphered in those hours is invented for coherence.
Winds carry stories in them.  -from “Engram” in Collection of Auguries
The stories in Collection of Auguries “[…] are short, energetic frissons to shake the mind, emotions, and senses out of their usual ruts; they prove both disquieting and thrilling. Others are longer explorations of territory ranging from modern neuropsychology to Egyptian mythology, beautifully interconnected by themes of memory, identity, and the phantom bits of consciousness that reappear in our dreams."  -Lucy Pollard-Gott, from the Foreword
Annie Q. Syed has been telling stories since she was eight years old. She attained her B.A. from the University of Kansas in English Literature and International Studies and her Master’s in Secondary English Education from City College in New York where she was a NYC Department of Education teacher. She went on to receive her J.D. from CUNY School of Law in New York and then completed a clerk-ship for a judge. She remains an activist in projects involving human rights in the United States, Africa and Asia. She is working on finishing a novel and other short stories. She calls New York City home although she lives a bicoastal, transcontinental life. You can learn more about her and read some of her other works at
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