Bye Bye Baba: A Weaning Tale by Nina Planck

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Bye Bye Baba
Matilda loved nursing. She called it "baba." As she grew, she began to eat blueberries and other delicious foods. But she still loved baba. One day, Mama said it was time to say bye-bye to baba. She threw Matilda a party with a bye bye baba cake! Then little brother Luke arrived and he got all the baba.
Nina Planck grew up on a farm in Virginia. She is the author of The Numbers You Know: A Natural Counting Book, Real Food, Real Food for Mother and Baby, The Farmers' Market Cookbook, and The Real Food Cookbook. She lives in New York City with her cheesemonger husband and three children.
Please note: "Bye Bye Baba" is not illustrated -- yet! You and your child are invited to create your own works of art to accompany the story. The left-hand pages contain the text, while the right-hand pages are blank.
48 Pages
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