Born with the Bomb by Frank O'Toole

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The Lost Poems of a Boomer Youth

Born with the Bomb

Will it someday be possible to speak of "Boomer literature" in the same way that we speak of "Elizabethan literature" or "Romantic literature"? 

If so, this recently rediscovered collection will stand as a supreme example of its poetry – the poetry of the last innocent generation, able to feel rage toward threats to our collective dream; the poetry of the first generation to fully experience the twentieth century nexus of history and technology which we are still struggling to untangle; the poetry of that generation which extinguished the fuse which their fathers and grandfathers had lit under megatons of nuclear weaponry.  Mere words?  Read the last poem in the collection, you forgetful young men and women of the present day – and rush to your history books.


62 pages  
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