The Art of Reading by Lawrence Schwartzwald

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The Art of ReadingThe Art of Reading











The Art of Reading is photographer Lawrence Schwartzwald's first published book. Inspired in part by Andre Kertesz's ON READING, it is a collection of over sixty candid and compelling images of folks in the act of Reading books and other printed matter. Schwartzwald has photographed mainly in New York, but also has images from Miami, Cambridge, Florence, Italy, Paris, etc. His work from this series has appeared or been featured in the New York Post,,,,,,, New York Magazine, and elsewhere.

"The most powerful images depict a reader amid and utterly oblivious to the chaotic and distinctly urban surrounding setting. As viewed through Schwartzwald’s lens, the core of reading for the city dweller seems to be the ability to lose oneself to the printed word." - Publishers Weekly (read the full review here)

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