Alphabet Crash by Susan P. Bachelder

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Alphabet CrashAs the future of cursive handwriting in schools becomes a target for political debate, and opinion pieces in the New York Times challenge your patriotism if you attempt to write legibly, Susan P. Bachelder weighs in with this small practical guide of helpful handwriting turns and tricks. With dry wit and sly humor you will be encouraged to develop a 21st century relationship with writing that goes beyond thumbs to keyboard. Recognizing that almost everyone today is convinced they have bad handwriting, she explains how history took us all down a path with unintended consequences and why whatever you call your writing is not your fault.
A charming gift for Doctors, Lawyers, and scholars of all ages, Alphabet Crash: A 21st Century Handwriting Manual for Men and Boys will enlighten and amuse both sexes.
82 Pages 
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