29 by Robert A. Kaufman

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It began with a footnote. Four summers ago inside a Jerusalem yeshiva, I read a footnote in the Zohar that taught that each Jew's soul corresponds to one letter in the Torah, and only God knows which soul corresponds to which letter. I don't know much about God. Or souls. Or the divine veracity of footnotes. But my older sister, Michelle, still wears Velcro shoes. So I wrote a poem about her. Then another. And another. And twenty-six more. This alphabetic memoir contains twenty-nine poems I wrote in my twenty-ninth year. I hope one of my poems inspires you to write one of yours. One hundred percent of this book's profits will be donated to Special Olympics.
Robert A. Kaufman grew up in Dallas, Texas, earned degrees from Brown and Dartmouth, and served as a Fulbright Scholar in Oslo, Norway. He currently teaches English in Atlanta, Georgia.
136 Pages
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