The Cheating Culture: Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead (Paperback)

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Free cable television. Imaginary tax deductions. Do you take your chance to cheat? David Callahan thinks many of us would; witness corporate scandals, doping athletes, plagiarizing journalists. Why all the cheating? Why now?
Callahan blames the dog-eat-dog economic climate of the past twenty years: An unfettered market and unprecedented economic inequality have corroded our values and threaten to corrupt the equal opportunity we cherish. Callahan's "Winning Class" has created a separate moral reality where it cheats without consequences-while the "Anxious Class" believes choosing not to cheat could cancel its only shot at success in a winner-take-all world.
Updated with a new afterword analyzing the latest on cheating from the Martha Stewart trial to the Tyco and Enron sentencings, The Cheating Culture takes us on a gripping tour of cheating in America and makes a powerful case for why it matters.

About the Author

David Callahan is cofounder and director of research at the public policy center Demos. The author of five books, he has also pub-lished articles in the New York Times and the Washington Post and is a frequent commentator on CNN, MSNBC, and NPR. He lives in New York City.

Praise For…

"It's not exactly hot news that many Americans cheat . . . But there is much reason to believe that these days, as David Callahan puts it, 'cheating is everywhere.' . . . Watch what we do, not what we say or read; our real-world Book of Virtues is in serious need of rewriting." -Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post

"Read this book for [Callahan's] eye-opening portrait of the way we live now, his sobering analysis of how we got here and his prescient warning of where we may be headed if we don't get back our bearings."-Los Angeles Times

"Dozens of books have examined this phenomenon. None I have yet seen does it with [this] anger, vigor and persuasiveness."

"The author provides persuasive evidence that our society is riddled with dishonesty."

"A damning and persuasive critique of America''s new economic life."

"A breathtaking book."

"On-target analysis of how this noxious and, in the true sense, un-American corruption came to infect our culture."

"This should be required reading for every high school and college student, and anyone who''s ever complained about how bad things have gotten."

"Hair-raising. [P]acked with alarming anecdotes."

"Highly readable. Callahan has done us a good turn by confronting the question of ''why do Americans do wrong?'' "

"Callahan''s on to something: an ingrained and growing national compulsion to succeed at any cost."

"Well-constructed, civic-minded…full of compelling statistics and anecdotes."

"Callahan compiles a meticulous mountain of data about our current state of disgrace."

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