With a Little Help - Frank Wu Cover

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 Cory Doctorow

Cover by Frank Wu

With a Little Help is the latest story collection from visionary copyfighter and fictioneer Cory Doctorow, author of For the WinMakersLittle BrotherOverclocked,Down and Out in the Magical Kingdom and more. Doctorow is also a hugely prolific blogger at boingboing.net. He writes: 

With a Little Help is my first serious experiment in self-publishing. I’ve published many novels, short story collections, books of essays and so on with publishers, and it’s all been very good and satisfying and educational and so on, but it seems like it’s time to try something new.

You see, I’ve always released my work under open licenses from the Creative Commons project, so that my readers could share and remix my works. A good number of these readers wanted to know why I didn’t distribute the physical book as well, and see what a writer working on his own could do.

We are delighted to join Cory in his experiment by offering With a Little Help--a damned fun and thought-provoking collection of stories--to be printed on demand here with our new Espresso Book Machine. Like all of our print on demand books, you can order one online or in our store and we print within 24-48 hours.

This edition of the book has a cover painted by fellow happy mutant Frank Wu. 

Because this book is printed just for you on our Espresso Book Machine, it typically ships within 3-4 business days.

Science Fiction

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